The Importance of Multi Vendor Marketplaces

28 August 2018

If your business is wondering how to step up their game, then this is a good time to embrace the massive opportunity of global e-commerce and invest in the right technology to ensure success for your company.

The ultimate guide to successful marketplaces

15 August 2018

A smooth buying process means customers feels like they made the right choice when buying a product or service. The feeling should continue beyond the initial purchase when the product or service are subsequently used.

Key Challenges for Public Sector Procurement

03 January 2018

Public sector procurement is different than private procurement because of the many policies that need to be met before making any purchasing decision.

The History and Future of Digital Transformation

26 July 2017

The world is changing faster than ever. Let’s have a look at how we got into the Digital Revolution Era and how we are expanding the Digital Transformation further.