In the rapidly advancing digital realm, keeping pace with evolving technological trends is essential.

Among the emerging trends is Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), a model centred on leasing computer equipment with as-a-service pricing. This model is revolutionising the IT acquisition process and providing a unique opportunity for computer vendors and resellers to expand their customer base and boost sales.

The As-a-Service Model: A Paradigm Shift for Vendors and Resellers

The as-a-service model, based on a usage-based subscription rather than direct ownership, is rapidly gaining popularity due to the financial flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency it offers to customers. For vendors and resellers, adopting this model translates to meeting the increasing demand for the latest technology without burdening customers with high upfront costs. Customers lease the equipment, paying for usage over time, which enhances affordability and accessibility.

Progora: A Catalyst for Success in the HaaS Market

Progora Marketplace

Progora is an innovative platform designed to facilitate HaaS. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of products, Progora enables vendors and resellers to establish an online marketplace where they can offer computer equipment for lease with as-a-service pricing.

The numerous advantages that Progora offers to vendors and resellers include:

  • Boosted Sales: With as-a-service pricing integrated into the platform, Progora simplifies customers' access to your products. The reduced upfront costs and flexible payment terms associated with leasing can lead to an increase in customer acquisition and sales.
  • Direct Integration with Funding Organisations: Progora integrates seamlessly with various funding organisations, enabling customers to secure funding approval directly through the platform. This accelerates the leasing process and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlined Operations: Progora centralises product offerings, simplifying inventory management and reducing administrative burdens. This frees up resources that can be allocated to core business operations, fostering growth.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention: The convenience of the Progora platform, coupled with the allure of the as-a-service model, can contribute to higher customer retention rates.

PreSalesAdvisor: Enhancing Sales Efficiency Beyond Progora

PreSalesAdvisor CPQ

While PreSalesAdvisor perfectly complements Progora for facilitating HaaS, its functionality extends beyond this platform. PreSalesAdvisor is a powerful tool that provides Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) capabilities, allowing vendors and resellers to generate accurate and detailed quotes for customers interested in leasing equipment.

The key benefits of PreSalesAdvisor include:

  • Streamlined Quoting Process: PreSalesAdvisor simplifies the quoting process, allowing vendors and resellers to generate custom quotes based on customers' specific needs, thereby increasing sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • As-a-Service Pricing: PreSalesAdvisor supports as-a-service pricing, making it easy for vendors and resellers to offer flexible leasing options to customers directly.
  • Standalone or Integrated Use: PreSalesAdvisor can be used within the Progora platform or as a standalone tool. This flexibility makes it a robust solution for vendors and resellers, regardless of the size of their product catalogue.
  • Accelerated Approval: The combination of PreSalesAdvisor and Progora expedites the approval process, connecting customers, vendors and resellers, and funding organisations on a single platform. This smooth workflow reduces waiting times and expedites transactions, making it easier for customers to access leased equipment and encouraging repeat business.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future with Progora and PreSalesAdvisor

The age of flexible and cost-efficient IT solutions is upon us, and vendors and resellers must adapt to remain competitive. Offering computer equipment leasing with as-a-service pricing is the way forward. Platforms like Progora, combined with versatile tools like PreSalesAdvisor, provide an ecosystem that connects vendors, resellers, and customers in a streamlined, efficient process.

Take the first step towards revolutionising your IT acquisition process today. Discover how Progora and PreSalesAdvisor can transform your business model, enhance sales, and boost customer satisfaction. Request a demo and experience the power of these platforms firsthand.