One procurement manager said: "Using a Progora marketplace feels like you’re at home shopping online."

With a user-friendly experience, a wealth of relevant product information and simple price comparisons, Progora streamlines purchasing and makes it easy to make informed decisions quickly.

Web Store

The front end of Progora’s technology is completely configurable based on user profiles.

The store automatically assigns roles, product catalogues, marketing and pricing based on the metadata linked to the person’s login details.

  • User-friendly e-commerce interface
  • Requires little to no training
  • Ability to configure permissions, prices and catalogues for specific users
  • Advanced search functionality to speed up purchasing

Enhanced Product Descriptions

From detailed product descriptions and extended specifications to imagery, user manuals, brochures and related product links, users have all the information they need on a single product page.

  • Data is automatically collated from industry standard sources and supplier systems
  • Easily offer a variety of media and enhanced content
  • Automatically include links to appropriate accessories to maximise productivity
  • Complete supply chain visibility, continually updated throughout the day

Price Comparison

Progora uses advanced data management technology to collect millions of prices each day and compare them at product code level to give you the best price with stock.

It works in real time, so users always purchase based on the latest information.

  • See the best price at a glance
  • Make the most economical purchase based on real-time data and stock levels

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