Progora’s proven technology is used in more than 150 countries and by leading public and private sector organisations

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Does your organisation make full use of procurement’s market intelligence? Are you able to take agile responses to rapid changes in supply and demand?

You’re in a good place if you have established purchasing structures and models in place. The next step is to transform procurement into a true enabler, where you’re delivering real strategic value by helping stakeholders and suppliers work together to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Progora is an e-procurement platform that helps you do this.

How it Works

For Users

Progora gives users a single marketplace view for buying products and services

Enhance search for what they need, see all compliant suppliers and sort by the most appropriate criteria, be it MEAT, lowest price or something else

Complete the purchase within the system – no more punching out to supplier websites and no more confusion about frameworks

Real-time intelligence facilitates smarter decisions and more accountability among supplier partners

For Procurement

Progora helps you get more value out of your existing systems and procurement processes

Real-time management information and dashboards make it easier to manage supply chain security and deliver strategic value to the organisation

Dynamic purchasing allows you to respond quickly to shifts in supply and demand

Enhance supplier relationships by having a single, user friendly platform that that brings vendors and buyers together

What Procurement Professionals Say

"A few years ago we had a procurement IT system built to feed into the finance department and help with compliance. But that system no longer met our day-to-day operational needs. Our supply chains have become very complex with a mixture of products and services, and as we outsource more, we need more accountability built into the system.

Progora filled our need really easily. We didn’t have to invest in another big system build that would take months to implement (and likely still not be right, as always happens with these things). The Progora guys call it ‘enveloping,’ and I think it’s an apt way to describe it – Progora is like an envelope around our existing systems, so we didn’t have to change any other IT or change processes that work.

Everyone now has the necessary VFM intelligence via tailored dashboards to make sound procurement decisions. The data is dynamic and tailored to our business flows, and because we have this real-time visibility, we can react quickly and roll changes out easily. This has enabled us to boost accountability and improve service continuity."

Achievements Using Progora Technology

Here’s a taste of what public sector organisations have achieved using Progora technology:

£70,000 savings In the first 6 months

27.9% reduction In supplier margins

100% Validated benchmark prices on tap

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