Progora is built on advanced data management technology capable of processing millions of products and hundreds of millions of prices each day.

This means all your suppliers and catalogues are easily accessible in a central, user-friendly platform, with real-time price and stock checks, so you always know the most economical way to purchase.

And with the ability to integrate all your frameworks and procurement rules – and tailor them for user types – it’s easy to save money while ensuring compliance.

Product Management

With Progora, your organisation can manage millions of products while ensuring that everyone is relying on up-to-date, comprehensive and clean data.

Enhanced product content improves the customer experience and gives people the information they need to make the right choice.

  • Ability to process millions of products daily
  • Automated aggregation and consistent user experience
  • Rich content drawn from industry-standard sources and suppliers
  • Worldwide supply chain management

Catalogue Management

Progora’s innovative technology turns flat ERP catalogues into dynamic data sources.

This means users automatically access the latest product information, and you eliminate rogue procurement because people only see products they’re allowed to buy.

  • Powerful product/pricing matrices
  • Automatic linking of catalogues and customers
  • Changes published live in minutes
  • Use the data anywhere

Price Management

Progora gives you real-time pricing that includes all admin and delivery costs and stock levels.

This empowers users to make informed decisions based on true cost, helping them use budgets more effectively.

  • Versatile discount capabilities
  • Rogue detection and rules engine
  • Able to carry out more than 100 million daily price and stock checks
  • Customer sees the savings

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