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What are the biggest procurement challenges in your organisation?

Our analysis, based on 25 years public sector and private sector experience, shows these start with issues around management information, compliance, tail-end spend and over-reliance on a few suppliers.

But when you have some of those issues out there, the problem is where to benchmark, how to develop supply chain security and become more proactive in purchasing with deep knowledge of emerging gaps in requirement. If these bases are covered you are well along the path of the gold standard – the ability and agility to maximise procurement’s strategic value to the organisation.

Whatever challenges you face, Progora helps you overcome them

Progora is an e-procurement platform that enables you to create, control and scale a marketplace that all your users and preferred suppliers can use – across your products and key services.

Its design and methods perform within the reality of public sector procurement, with complex and changing supply chains, products and services, and the politicised environment that internal and external providers are expected to respond to. Your users can buy everything from your own centralised purchasing platform, while you have the data and control you need to take procurement to the next level.

Why Progora


Progora is easy to implement – it connects to and envelops your existing processes and systems, so you get more value from what you have and from your supply chain.

As a result, you have a central source of real-time data and market intelligence, so you have a straightforward way of managing spend, supplier relationships and governance. Users can easily buy on approved frameworks or pre-approved negotiated prices, and vendors have a simple way of promoting products, services discounts and offers, and with a simple on-boarding process, it opens the supply chain to smaller suppliers.


Progora is fast to configure, so you’re up and running quickly. It’s not your typical cumbersome, costly or frustrating software deployment, as you’ll read in our procurement stories.

You also have access to real-time information, analytics, savings and benchmarking so you can make decisions and identify trends proactively. And users can complete purchases in minutes knowing they’re choosing the best product or service based on suitability, compliance and criteria like MEAT and VFM. This boosts morale, increases adoption, and improves productivity while reducing tail-end spend.


Services are the biggest part of public sector spend, and we give you control over the most challenging and complex supply chains.

We have a 25-year heritage in helping organisations get maximum value from services under management. From pricing to delivery, you have complete visibility over every stage for internal and external providers. This helps you break down silos, build stronger relationships with your supplier community – and achieve more for less.

See How Progora Helps You Achieve Your Procurement Goals

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Better spend management information

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Improved governance and more control over tail-end spend

Improved Governance

Procurement to be embedded within the organisation

Embedded Procurement

High-impact, strategic procurement

Strategic Procurement

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