Progora’s proven technology is used in more than 150 countries and by leading public and private sector organisations

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Is purchasing taking too much time? Are you confident everyone always buys at the best price (factoring delivery and admin costs)? Do you know exactly how budgets are being spent?

Progora is a marketplace technology that saves you time and money on procurement – while giving you complete visibility of the organisation’s purchasing.

Its innovative technology – refined over 18 years – incorporates features that lead to high user adoption, reduced rogue procurement and a fast return on investment.


Centralised Purchasing Platform

Aggregation and automation enable you to save money and reduce rogue procurement.


Real-time Price & Stock Checks

Algorithms automatically calculate the most economical way to purchase.


User-Friendly Experience

As one procurement manager said, “It feels like I’m at home shopping online.”


Fast Deployment

In just 12 weeks, you have a robust platform that simplifies purchasing and delivers cost savings.


Enhanced Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

You foster strong working relationships across your supplier community, from SMEs to large businesses.


Flexibility & Scalability

Easily add new categories, frameworks and functionality, like guided advisors and purchase-to-pay workflows.


Real-time Analytics

It's easy to monitor transaction volumes, spend versus budgets and framework compliance.


Seamless Integration

With more than 50 systems across ERP, CRM, databases and finance.


Rich Product Content

It’s easy for suppliers to provide all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions.


Personalised Catalogues

Users can search by keyword, category and with the help of product advisors – and only see what they’re allowed to buy and the discounts they’re eligible for


Business Process Improvement

Implement automation and create bespoke approval processes and integrated finance steps to avoid duplication and improve efficiency and auditability.


Cutting-edge Data Management Engine

Have complete confidence you’re accessing the best prices for the right products thanks to our proprietary data management technology, which can processes millions of products daily.

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The system certainly speeds up and saves time with ordering.

Operations Manager

I am enjoying the experience – it feels like I am at home shopping online.

Procurement Manager

Easier, fairer, better buying for all.

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