Progora’s proven technology is used in more than 150 countries and by leading public and private sector organisations

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It’s the Holy Grail for procurement – being a true strategic partner in the organisation. To achieve this level of influence, you need tools that deliver in key areas:

Strategic levers for planning and forecasting investment that satisfies HM Treasury Green Book and Orange Book. High user adoption, so you can easily direct purchasing behaviour. Market intelligence and insight, the evidence base so you can promote a strong relationship with suppliers and take a proactive approach to procurement. Progora is an e-procurement platform that provides all of these elements. It gives you more value from your existing processes and systems while providing the extra leverage you need to deliver maximum value to the organisation.

How it Works

For Users

Progora gives users a single marketplace view for buying products and services

Enhance search for what they need, see all compliant suppliers and sort by the most appropriate criteria, be it MEAT, lowest price or something else

Complete the purchase within the system – no more punching out to supplier websites and no more confusion about compliance

Information sharing with suppliers and across departments helps achieve ROI gains from shorter contract lifecycles

For Procurement

Progora helps you get more value out of your existing systems and procurement processes

Real-time dashboards help you respond proactively to trends and deliver strategic value to the organisation

Dynamic purchasing makes it easy respond to supply and demand quickly, even for complex service supply chains

You enhance supplier relationships by having a single, user friendly platform that that brings vendors and buyers together

Configurable customer journeys, so the procurement process can be adapted per agreement or framework to benefit both sides

What Procurement Professionals Say

"Progora has helped us earn a place at the top table. Thanks to the centralised, real-time MI, we can be very proactive about purchasing. Instead of reacting to what users need, we can say what the organisation needs. We’re able to sit above the silos and join them up, which means we’re driving organisational change while keeping down long-term costs and boosting productivity.

The other big difference Progora has made is in the way it’s helped foster relationships with our supplier community. Suppliers have much more visibility, have streamlined access to users and are able to push out their deals and products to meet our strategic needs. Users find it easier to buy in a compliant way while working with a wider range of suppliers.

This is particularly true for services, which are mission critical and have very complex supply chains. It’s been a game changer being able to compare and benchmark services so easily, and means we’re able to achieve ROI on much shorter contract cycles."

Achievements Using Progora Technology

Here’s a taste of what public sector organisations have achieved using Progora technology:

£70,000 savings In the first 6 months

27.9% reduction In supplier margins

100% Validated benchmark prices on tap

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