The world is changing faster than ever. Let’s have a look at how we got into the Digital Revolution Era and how we are expanding the Digital Transformation further.

A Future Trends

Digitisation is creating so many opportunities for both companies and individuals. People are becoming more adaptable to embracing technology and managing digital change.  According to Forrester and its 2017 digital business predictions, transformation budgets will increase.

Businesses are expected to transform their operational processes, customer experiences and building gaps between web, mobile apps and offline engagement.

In this time of digital transformation, computer software companies are driven to build smarter solutions that will give businesses that competitive edge. 

Mercato Solutions develop scalable cloud environments that allow organisations to work more efficiently and effectively to ultimately save time and money. Platforms like Progora and KnowledgeKube can create unique marketplaces for both products and services, rapidly build complex enterprise applications to increase operational efficiency and increase overall productivity. 

Progora is designed for complex organisations, adapting to many business requirements and ensuring each purchase is made in an economical way. The result: lower expenditure, reduce rogue procurement, stronger supplier relationship and better collaboration. Explore more features.

Progora offers powerful extensibility which complements the platform very well. KnowledgeKube is a rapid application development platform which comes packed with everything you need to build apps of any scale. With KnowledgeKube, organisations can develop powerful multi-connectable enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to transform business processes, systems and value.

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